FAQs - MiniGardens UAE

It fits on a table top and can range in size. We also design custom arrangements not limited to any budget or size. For further information, please call or shop online at www.minigardens.ae 

We use easy care indoor succulents & plants, decorative stones, natural accessories, a special blend of soil and wood nestled in glass, wood and ceramic containers along with a large dose of love.

It could last several months or more depending upon care received. However, since it is a living arrangement we cannot provide a guarantee on any product.

Each plant comes with a small care kit including a care card, a small dropper (for small MiniGarden’s) or a root water squeeze bottle (larger arrangements). We also have care videos on the website (please click the link). Please refer to growers tips below each product as listed on our website.

We recommend placing it in a naturally lit area that is not directly exposed to sunlight for a few hours a day. Direct Sunlight through a closed window is acceptable. Your MiniGarden can even survive in the absence of sunlight for a few days as long as there is strong artificial lighting. The Ideal temperatures are between 18-25C and indoors

MiniGardens are specifically designed to be enjoyed and kept "indoors". We do not recommend you place your MiniGarden outdoors at any time

We suggest calling us at 050 365 7477 prior to visiting our store. We will either replace the plant/plants at a nominal cost or change it to something else as per your preference along with a refresh at our standard rates

If cared for as per the guide, the plants will live  a natural  life span. If a succulent or plant is deteriorating rapidly it could be due to over watering or indoor temperatures being higher than 25 degrees C. Within the first month of purchase if you have followed our care guide instructions and you notice wilting please contact us and send pictures and we will do our best to fix it for you. After 30 days we will charge you a nominal replacement fee for plants and succulents.

We can customize your arrangement in your own container starting at a minimum fee of AED 200 including plants, materials and service. The earliest pickup would be as per availability at the time. For orders above AED 250 we provide free delivery in Dubai.

During a succulents growth cycle they shed the lowest leaves first and you will notice a new growth from the tip. Gently try to pull the wilting leaf off. If it does not come off easily give it a few days to go through its natural cycle and then remove and discard it once it has dried.

Orchids shed their flowers naturally after a bloom cycle depending upon the type and season. Please call us for further assistance or visit our boutique.

Succulents grow slowly and don't need pruning frequently but there is a growing season in Jan/Feb, please call us for advice  at 050 365 7477 or bring your MiniGarden to our boutique 9AM - 6PM working days and we will be happy to assist you.