• Delivery Date/Time Request – If you have ordered a MiniGarden or a specific Arrangement with us, you may call and specify a date and a time when you would like your order delivered. This information is then added to the order notes. 
  • Public Holidays and Specific Days - Delivery may not be available, for example on a Public Holiday or during certain specific days or a range of dates for reasons of Regional Holidays
  • Delivery Offset or Lead-time - The minimum amount of time between ordering and delivery may vary depending upon stocks available and subject to prior sales. 
  • Manage Orders – We allow you to keep track of your orders and deliveries, so that you can manage your requirements without having to search or locate your preferences
  • Export Deliveries – – Presently Export deliveries are limited or not available for certain Emirates, Places or Countries. 
  • Products – We update our sites regularly/periodically. It may be possible that certain arrangements are Marked as individual products available for delivery, but may not be available subject to prior sales during the course of the day. We will cater to your choice as far as possible, by supporting you with 2 hour lead time or next day delivery subject to availability of raw materials and time of order.
  • All our deliveries are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of our offers, and inclusive of UAE VAT charges