The MiniGardens Story


“MiniGardens is a home grown, online plant and floral boutique based in Dubai, UAE. We design & sell vibrant, sustainable indoor arrangements of nature made with easy-care succulents & flowering plants like Orchids. Our concepts are based  on living, and not cut flowers & plants.

Why MiniGardens? We offer express customization of arrangements to suit your individuality via whats app and even instagram for last minute and busy clients. For those who have decided what they need,  original arrangements from our specially designed online collection can be purchased immediately & delivered free of charge in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi (fixed days for Abu Dhabi). No two arrangements even though similar, are the same. 

Connecting You With Nature: We have always aspired to bring the beauty of an outdoor garden into our living space. By removing the complications of maintenance & keeping it simple, we can now all enjoy a small piece of nature at home or office or send a long lasting, memorable gift to friends and loved ones. 

Longer Lasting Gifts of Beauty & Love:  Our online store has a creative collection of delightful plant & floral arrangements, “re-imagined” to infuse a sense of life and love into your living space. A MiniGarden is the more sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to cut flower bouquets & arrangements.

Low Maintenance: Our indoor tabletop mini landscape arrangements are artistically designed with beautiful, hardy succulents, plants & blooming orchids providing beauty as well as a greener indoor space. To make your life simple, our creations focus on drought resistant varieties that require very little care and water, some of which need a few drops just once a month. 

Zero Maintenance Moss Wall Art: For those  who would like to adorn their walls with the natural Beauty of an Amazon forest topiary with zero hassle, look no further!. Our inspiring green wall designs can decorate your home, office or studio with a variety of options with a quick turnaround. 

Original Creations: Choose from vibrant live seasonal plants and succulents designed in gorgeous brass and glass terrariums & other unique containers available in a vast array of shapes, styles and colors.

Visit Our Boutique By Appointment For Corporate Orders: The possibilities for expression are only limited by the imagination when you deal with MiniGardens. Shop online or call to visit our boutique to design gifts for events & occasions. 

Friendly Sales Team: To learn more about the company, or to purchase  signature live plant and floral arrangements, shop online or call /whats app/instagram DM at +971503657477 for immediate creation of custom requests. You can also email us at, or visit the website at