Pink Terrarium

Succulent (diamond terrarium, white and gray gravel, medium)

AED 250.00

Orchid Splendor

1 Small Double Stem Purple Orchid (half moon glass bowl, small)

AED 275.00

Luxe Terrarium (Small) Rose Gold

Succulent (rose gold terrarium, premium gold gravel & layered sand, small)

AED 275.00

Orchid Sublime

Double Stem Pink Orchid, 1 Succulent (wooden planter, small)

AED 300.00

Garden Of Hearts

10 Succulents (heart shaped, wide, medium)

From AED 300.00

Orchid Cloud

Double Stem White Orchid (ceramic planter, medium)

AED 325.00

Tiny Garden Gift (Set of 4)

4 Succulents (wood, square, small)

AED 335.00

Orchid Passion

Double Stem White Orchid (art glass planter, medium)

AED 350.00

Orchid Blossom

2 Small Double Stem Pink Orchids (fibre concrete black, medium)

AED 350.00

Orchid Fantasy

2 Small Double Stem Pink Orchids (white ceramic planter, medium)

AED 350.00

Terrarium Garden (Medium) Gold

3 Succulents (terrarium, gold gravel, medium)

AED 375.00

Orchid Bliss

Double Stem Yellow Orchid (Ceramic planter, medium)

AED 375.00
Sold Out

Sold Out

Orchid Radiance

Double stem pink Orchids, 3 Succulents (wooden planter, medium)

AED 375.00

Luxe Terrarium (Medium) Rose Gold

3 Succulents (terrarium, beveled glass, gold gravel, medium)

AED 395.00

Heart Of Gold (Large)

6 Succulents (glass, heart shaped, large)

AED 450.00

Heart Of Joy (Large)

6 Succulents (glass, heart shaped, wide, large)

AED 450.00

Luxe Terrarium (Large) Rose Gold

4 Succulents (terrarium, beveled glass, gold gravel, large)

AED 450.00

Serenity Succulent Garden

8 Succulents (glass bowl, white and gray gravel, large)

AED 495.00

Diamond Succulent Terrarium

Succulents (diamond terrarium, decorated pebbles, sand & gravel art, large)

AED 500.00

Succulent Heaven

2 Succulents & 2 Haworthia (synthetic fiber, square, medium)

AED 500.00

Empress Blush Orchids

2 Small Single Stem Pink Orchids & 2 Succulents (fibre concrete, large)

AED 625.00

Orchid Classique

2 Single stem & 2 small yellow Orchids (gold fiber concrete planter, medium)

AED 650.00

Orchid Deluxe (Medium)

2 Double Stem big White Orchids (square glass planter, medium)

AED 750.00

Orchid Destiny

2 Single Stem White Orchids, 1 Crassula, 1 Succulent & 1 Haworthia (gold fiber concrete, large)

AED 975.00

Orchid Deluxe

4 Double Stem big White Orchids (square glass planter, large)

AED 1,250.00
Sold Out

Sold Out