“Stunning Live Orchid  arrangements to infuse life & love into your living space -  Call us for Custom Creations"

Flowering Orchid

Mini Orchid (Concrete, Small)

AED 160.00


Mini Orchids (Glass Bowl, Small)

AED 260.00

Orchid Glory

Mini Orchids (Concrete, Square, Medium)

AED 300.00

Orchid Radiance

Mini Orchids (Wooden, Medium)

AED 350.00


Orchids (Glass, Medium)

AED 350.00

Orchid Bouquet

Orchids (Fibre Concrete, Small)

AED 350.00


Mini Orchids (Glass Bowl, Medium)

AED 385.00


Mini Orchids (Stone Finish Concrete, Large)

AED 520.00

Spring Garden

Succulents (Glass, round, wide, Large)

AED 550.00

Blooming Orchid Garden

White and Pink Orchids (Fibre Concrete, Large)

AED 650.00

Empress Blush Orchids

Pink Orchids (Fibre Concrete, Large)

AED 675.00

Phalaenopsis Glamour

Purple Orchids (Cement, Large)

AED 750.00

Orchid Garden

Pure Beauty Yellow Speckle Orchids (Cement, Large)

AED 800.00

Phalaenopsis Glory

Purple Orchids (Glass, Large)

AED 1,100.00

Custom Garden

Made to Order Orchid Arrangements

AED 0.00