Succulent Table Top MiniGarden (Round)

Contains Mix Succulents (black ceramic, round, large)

AED 1,250.00

Orchid Gorgeous

White Phalaenopsis Orchid and Mixed succulents (fibre pot black, medium)

From AED 550.00

Terrarium Garden (Medium) Gold

3 Succulents (terrarium, gold gravel, medium)

AED 450.00
Sold Out

Sold Out

Amazon Hillside

Moss, Ball Moss and Gravel (glass bowl, sand and rocks, large)

AED 900.00

Heart Of Joy (Large) - Birthday Gift

6 Succulents (glass, heart shaped, wide, large)

AED 450.00

Orchid Beauty

2 Pink Orchids, 2 Succulents (half moon glass bowl, medium)

From AED 395.00

Orchid Supreme

Double Stem Peach Orchid (fibre concrete planter, medium)

From AED 400.00


Moss Terrarium (Medium) Gold

Moss, Ball Moss and Gravel (gold terrarium, gray gravel & layered sand, medium)

AED 325.00

Tiny Garden Gift (Set of 4)

4 Succulents (wood, square, small)

AED 325.00

Royal Orchids Garden

4 Double Stem big White Orchids (Fibre Pot , Large)

AED 1,350.00

Lavender Crystal MiniGarden

1 Crystal Tree, 2 Succulents and 1 Haworthia (glass, medium)

From AED 590.00

Cherry Blossom Crystal Garden (Large)

Crystal Tree, 4 Succulents (glass, round, large)

AED 850.00

Succulent Heaven

2 Succulents & 2 Haworthia (synthetic fiber, square, medium)

From AED 480.00


Infinity River Park

Moss, Ball Moss and Gravel (glass, round, medium)

AED 750.00

Peaceful Garden (medium) - Birthday Gift

1 Ficus Tree, 1 Succulent, 1 Fittonia, 1 Haworthia & 1 Echevaria (ceramic, oval, medium)

AED 750.00

Rose Quartz Garden

Succulent (glass bowl planter, white sand, medium)

AED 300.00

Orchid Destiny Grande

2 Double Stem Big White Orchids, 2 Double Stem Light Green Small Orchids, 1 Crassula, 1 Haworthia & 1 Succulent (gold fiber concrete, large)

From AED 1,125.00

Succulent Verde

Succulent (fibre concrete, gold gravel, medium)

AED 285.00

Orchid Gift Box

4 Double Stem Big White Orchids, 1 Crassula & 1 Succulent (wood, square, large)

From AED 1,500.00

Blooming Orchid Garden

White and Purple Exotic orchids and mixed succulents (Black Fibre Concrete, large)

From AED 750.00

Ficus Exotic Garden

1 Ficus tree, 3 succulents, 2 Fittonia and 1 Haworthia (glass, round, large)

From AED 995.00

Rustic Garden Gift (Set of Four)

Succulents (Wood, Square, Medium)

AED 400.00

Ficus Terrace Garden

1 Ficus tree, 1 Crassula, 1Hawortia & 4 Succulents (fiber concrete, square, large)

AED 1,095.00

Orchid Empress

Big Double Stem White Orchids & 3 Succulents (Fibre Concrete,Large)

AED 695.00

Clear Quartz Crystal Garden-Birthday Gift

1 Crystal Tree & 3 Succulents (glass, round, medium)

AED 600.00

Diamond Succulent Terrarium

Succulents (diamond terrarium, decorated pebbles, sand & gravel art, large)

AED 500.00
Sold Out

Sold Out

Orchid Celebration

2 Double Stem Big White Phalaenopsis, 1 Crassula & 1 Echeveria (fiber concrete planter, large)

AED 1,500.00

Orchid Deluxe

3 Double Stem big White Orchids (round glass planter, medium - large)

From AED 950.00

Orchid Passion

Double Stem White Orchid (opaque glass planter, medium)

From AED 330.00

Luxe Terrarium (Large) Rose Gold

4 Succulents (terrarium, beveled glass, gold gravel, large)

AED 450.00

Orchid Blossom

2 Small Single Stem Royal Purple Orchids (fibre concrete black, medium)

From AED 380.00

Lucky Bamboo Indoor Plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant (plant, glass bowl, medium)

AED 450.00


Diamond Moss Terrarium

Moss, Ball Moss and Gravel (diamond terrarium,stone rockery and wooden chips, large)

AED 500.00
Sold Out

Sold Out

Luxe Terrarium (Medium) Rose Gold

3 Succulents (terrarium, beveled glass, gold gravel, medium)

AED 445.00

Seaside Terrarium Garden

Mixed succulents (glass bowl, decorated pebbles, blue stones, large)

AED 625.00
Sold Out

Sold Out

Royal Orchid Garden(Medium)

Contains White Phalaenopsis Orchid and Mixed succulents (Cement Planter , Medium)

AED 595.00