Precious little garden gems to brighten up your living space - table top gardens

Buy amazing terrarium & flower gifts designed with plants, succulents & orchids

Rose Quartz Garden

Succulent (glass bowl planter, white sand, medium)

AED 395.00

City Garden

4 Succulents, (concrete, square, medium)

From AED 400.00

Tiny Garden Gift (Set of 4)

4 Succulents (wood, square, small)

AED 400.00

Vibrant Garden

4 Succulents (concrete, square, medium)

From AED 400.00

Summer Garden

4 Succulents (concrete, square, medium)

From AED 400.00

Courtyard Garden

3 Succulents, ball moss (concrete, square, medium)

From AED 400.00

Rustic Garden Gift (Set of Four)

Succulents (Wood, Square, Medium)

AED 500.00


Succulents (Glass, Round, Medium)

From AED 530.00

Ficus Shade Plant Gift

1 Ficus Tree & 2 Fittonia (stone, square, medium)

From AED 575.00

Succulent Heaven

2 Succulents & 2 Haworthia (synthetic fiber, square, medium)

From AED 650.00

Jade Crystal MiniGarden

1 Crystal Tree & 3 Succulents (glass, medium)

From AED 650.00

Clear Quartz Crystal Garden

1 Crystal Tree & 3 Succulents (glass, round, medium)

AED 650.00
Sold Out

Sold Out

Pink Blush Crystal MiniGarden

Crystal Tree, 3 Succulents (glass, round, medium)

From AED 650.00

Midnight - Blue crystal garden

1 Crystal Tree & 3 Succulents (glass, round, medium)

AED 695.00

Lavender Crystal MiniGarden

1 Crystal Tree, 2 Succulents and 1 Haworthia (glass, medium)

From AED 700.00

Crescent Garden

Crystal Tree, 3 Succulents (glass, medium)

AED 750.00

Garden In Glass (medium)

1 Ficus tree, 1 Succulents, 1 Fittonia & 1 Haworthia (glass, square, medium)

From AED 850.00

Cherry Blossom Crystal Garden (Large)

Crystal Tree, 4 Succulents (glass, round, large)

AED 975.00

Peaceful Garden (Large)

1 Ficus tree, 2 Fittonia, 3 Succulents & 1 Haworthia (ceramic, oval, large)

From AED 1,050.00

Ficus Terrace Garden

1 Ficus tree, 1 Crassula, 1Hawortia & 4 Succulents (fiber concrete, square, large)

AED 1,095.00

In The Park

Mini Plants (glass, round, wide, large)

AED 1,100.00

Infinite Green

Miniature Ficus Tree, Crassula, Hawortia, Mix Succulentss (wooden planter, square, large)

AED 1,150.00

Ficus Exotic Garden

1 Ficus tree, 3 succulents, 2 Fittonia and 1 Haworthia (glass, round, large)

From AED 1,250.00

Blissful Garden

Contains Mix Succulents (black ceramic, round, large)

AED 1,250.00

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