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Sustainable Indoor Green Walls to freshen your Interiors with Moss Wall and Vertical Garden (Moss/Plants/Decor) Products for homes, office, villa in Dubai.

Moss Cube - Light Green

Preserved Moss (frame )

From AED 275.00

Moss Cube - Dark Green

Preserved Moss (frame )

From AED 275.00

Moss Cube - Beige

Preserved Moss (frame )

From AED 275.00

Moss Cube - Mixed Green

Preserved Moss (frame )

From AED 275.00

Dubai Sunrise

Moss (wood, square, medium)

AED 2,475.00

Ball Moss Wall Garden (Set of 4)

Moss (rustic hand made frame with wall hanging provision, preserved moss)

AED 2,500.00

Moss Wall Tropical Forest Garden

preserved reindeer moss, ball moss, wooden frame

AED 3,250.00

Dubai skyline

Moss (wood, rectangle, medium)

AED 3,950.00

Zen Green Wall

Moss (wood, rectangle, large)

AED 6,325.00

Tropical Forest Green Wall

Moss and Drift Wood (wood, Vertical, large)

AED 7,500.00

Custom Preserved Moss Walls

Moss (plain moss, ball moss, drift wood)

AED 10,000.00

We will design you a stunning green wall made with preserved moss & grass. Zero Maintenance, 100% natural green decor.


Our custom designed Green Walls help you enjoy greenery without losing valuable floor space, giving you the answer for a more beautiful, zero maintenance indoor environment. Apart from being visually stunning they also act as an effective passive sound absorbing wall cladding to soften the effect of noise & echo in modern interiors. Now comes the good part! MiniGardens will design & deliver you a creative green wall of any size* in the fastest possible time. Our Green walls in Dubai are priced depending on the complexity of the design. You could have a beautiful installation in your office, clinic, studio, gym & home for decorative cladding walls, desk fronts & even stairwells & wash rooms. Although our focus as artisans is to design intricate & beautiful moss wall art, we are happy to provide clients with standard green moss wall coverage. We have a growing library of designs for you to choose from, so call our sales team today & enjoy your green wall for years to come!