“Eid Al Adha 2021 Buy Plant Gifts Online Dubai, Delivered By MiniGardens -  Call us for Custom Creations"

Lantern Garden (gold gravel)

Succulent (lantern terrarium, premium gold gravel, medium)

AED 195.00

Pink Terrarium

Succulent (diamond terrarium, white and gray gravel, medium)

AED 240.00


Moss Terrarium (Medium) Gold

Moss, Ball Moss and Gravel (gold terrarium, gray gravel & layered sand, medium)

AED 325.00

Orchid Passion

Double Stem White Orchid (opaque glass planter, medium)

From AED 360.00

Orchid Cloud

Double Stem White Orchid (ceramic planter, medium)

From AED 375.00

Heart Of Gold(Medium)

3 Succulents (glass, heart shaped, wide, medium)

AED 375.00

Rose Quartz Garden

Succulent (glass bowl planter, white sand, medium)

AED 395.00

Tiny Garden Gift (Set of 4)

4 Succulents (wood, square, small)

AED 400.00

Orchid Supreme

Double Stem Peach Orchid (fibre concrete planter, medium)

From AED 400.00

Orchid Fantasy

Double Stem White Orchid (gold ceramic planter, medium)

AED 400.00

City Garden

4 Succulents, (concrete, square, medium)

From AED 400.00

Luxe Terrarium (Medium) Rose Gold

3 Succulents (terrarium, beveled glass, gold gravel, medium)

AED 445.00

Terrarium Garden (Medium) Gold

3 Succulents (terrarium, gold gravel, medium)

AED 450.00

Heart Of Gold (Large)

6 Succulents (glass, heart shaped, large)

AED 450.00

Garden Of Hearts

10 Succulents (heart shaped, wide, medium)

From AED 475.00

Luxe Terrarium (Large) Rose Gold

4 Succulents (terrarium, beveled glass, gold gravel, large)

AED 495.00

Serenity Succulent Garden

8 Succulents (glass bowl, white and gray gravel, large)

AED 595.00

Midnight - Blue crystal garden

1 Crystal Tree & 3 Succulents (glass, round, medium)

AED 695.00

Lavender Crystal MiniGarden

1 Crystal Tree, 2 Succulents and 1 Haworthia (glass, medium)

From AED 700.00

Orchid Breeze

2 Double Stem big White Orchids (square glass planter, medium)

AED 780.00

Orchid Classique

1 Double stem & 2 small yellow Orchids (gold fiber concrete planter, medium)

AED 795.00

Garden In Glass (medium)

1 Ficus tree, 1 Succulents, 1 Fittonia & 1 Haworthia (glass, square, medium)

From AED 850.00

Blooming Orchid Garden

White and Purple Exotic orchids and mixed succulents (Black Fibre Concrete, large)

From AED 900.00

Ficus Terrace Garden

1 Ficus tree, 1 Crassula, 1Hawortia & 4 Succulents (fiber concrete, square, large)

AED 1,095.00

Infinite Green

Miniature Ficus Tree, Crassula, Hawortia, Mix Succulentss (wooden planter, square, large)

AED 1,150.00


Infinity River Park

Moss, Ball Moss and Gravel (glass, round, medium)

AED 1,200.00

Blissful Garden

Contains Mix Succulents (black ceramic, round, large)

AED 1,250.00

Ficus Exotic Garden

1 Ficus tree, 3 succulents, 2 Fittonia and 1 Haworthia (glass, round, large)

From AED 1,250.00

Orchid Celebration

2 Double Stem Big White Phalaenopsis, 1 Crassula & 1 Echeveria (fiber concrete planter, large)

AED 1,500.00

Orchid Garden Glow

4 Double Stem big White Orchids (Fibre Pot , Large)

AED 1,750.00

Orchid Magnificence

5 Double Stemmed White Tall Phalaenopsis Orchids (fiber concrete planter, large)

AED 2,500.00

Orchid Princess

Contains 6 Double Stemmed White Tall Orchids(Fibre Concrete Planter , Large)

AED 3,000.00

Orchid Odyssey Gold

8 Double Stem White Orchids (Handcrafted Wood , Large)

AED 3,750.00

Orchid Odyssey Silver

8 Double Stem White Orchids (Handcrafted Wood , Large)

AED 3,750.00