The Beauty Of Orchids And The Significance Of Their Colors

The Beauty Of Orchids And The Significance Of Their Colors

Vibrant colors & important events signified by orchids in ones life 

More than 25000 species of orchids have been discovered till date. In the olden days, it was customary to gift flowers as a symbol of ones love and affection. The more striking and glamorous the flower, the more significant it would have been to the recipient of ones love, respect and admiration. Orchids are extremely symbolic, more so than roses & they are the most highly prized of ornamental plants. This exotic and graceful flowering plant represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. Just as we distinguish rose colors such as Red to symbolize love, yellow signifies new beginnings & friendship.

Although orchids like Phalaenopsis are no longer categorized as rare as formerly were known to be during earlier days, the one thing that still remains strongly emboldened in us is the meaning and significance of its abundance of vibrant, vivid colors to symbolize important people and events in your lifetime.

Orchids go hand in hand with luxury and glamour

The British attached a lot of importance to the orchid flower since they were known to represent wealth and opulence. In those days these flowers could only be found in tropical countries and the globe was not well connected so only the very affluent could afford to even dream of owning such beautiful flowers and they were a real treat to the eyes. The Japanese too, treasured orchids as symbols of wealth. Today, Orchids are available in all colours of the rainbow except for true blue, and MiniGardens is one of the leading online sellers of luxury and premium orchid arrangements in many sizes and colors. We’’ quickly go through a few of the colors and what they signify.

White orchids signify grace, beauty and elegance

White orchids normally represent wisdom because of the sheer purity of their color, look and elegance. From early ages, they are said to purify and refine our soul by the mere prospect of being in their presence. The white orchid is widely recognized as one of the most glamorous flowers in the world, used at weddings and important events that signify eternal love.

Pink orchids represent femininity, joy, happiness and grace

The pink Orchid has the honour of representing innocence, femininity, grace, joy and happiness. The ideal gift to give a woman friend or a loved one. The pink orchid is the perfect gift to show your love and is the ideal gift for a partner for a birthday or anniversary. If you have an important message of love, its best to “say it with pink orchids.”

Purple orchids signify glamor, royalty, respect, admiration and dignity

Purple orchids are beautiful blooms and are the perfect gift to show respect to elders, parents and loved ones that one may admire and respect. If you want to show respect, “show it with purple orchids.”

Yellow orchids signify friendship, joy & new beginnings

Yellow orchids are just like the color of the sun; they are warm, sunny & bright yellow in colour. Yellow is the perfect gift for a new friend or a new job, business venture and new beginnings.

Peach orchids symbolise enthusiasm & pride

Peach orchids could be the ideal gift for showing you are proud of a friend or a loved one. It could also be gifted to someone before a bold venture is about to be accomplished.

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