Green Walls In Dubai bring tranquility to your living space!

Green Walls In Dubai bring tranquility to your living space!

Vertical MiniGardens at home or office: If you’re dreaming of the perfect alternative to owning a traditional living Green wall at home or in the office without the hassle of maintaining live plants, a complex watering system and assurance of sunlight then maybe a zero-maintenance, customized, green, preserved moss wall from MiniGardens, the new eco friendly plant and floral company in Dubai is just what you need to replenish your soul. If you feel drained, exhausted or depleted then some greenery could easily help recharge those batteries. It’s a proven fact that just seeing greenery and nature helps us feel relaxed and calm which can benefit our moods, & this in turn switches on that “feel good factor” which fills us with joy and enables us to enjoy the present moment. 

Green Wall therapy is the real deal: A green wall is more than just decoration, and simply having one in your living space can add a vibrant new dimension to your living space - Although a preserved moss wall piece doesn’t need any care, most importantly it’s not artificial. It is in fact eco-friendly and bio degradable as it is made from the real thing unlike artificial fauna made from plastic and silk and it can last for several years. However, if you feel the need to have living plants then you could simply buy a few succulent MiniGardens to adorn your interiors or we could add some live succulents to your preserved moss wall. MiniGardens come in funky shapes & sizes and can be delivered free to your door in Dubai with an easy-care kit, gift wrapping options and a personal note. 

A healthy slice of nature on your wall: Green Wall Moss & grass is a distinctive medium that brings a sense of calm and tranquility into your living place. It can be installed virtually anywhere; gyms, studios, homes, showrooms, offices etc. could all benefit from some green indoor wall art. The opportunities afforded for creativity with preserved moss goes beyond what can done with regular living walls without the stress of needing sunlight or watering systems and the lengthy time for commissioning. At just a few inches deep, including the hand-crafted wooden frame, one could install logos, messages or a full fresco/mural using green wall moss design in a single frame or choose a more complex collage style. Whatever you choose to imagine can be created by the MiniGarden design team and you could have it within a few days! In many ways, Green Wall Moss art has almost all the significant advantages for you to consider getting one for yourself.

Imagine coming home to a mini landscaped forest in your living room or neatly set within your passage walls.  It would go so well in a  spa, yoga house or any wellness place that helps us feel relaxed & stress free. At MiniGardens we believe that to mingle with nature in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai is easier said than done & to have a stunning forest on your wall to focus on and help you revitalize and charge your batteries after a long, challenging day at work could get those endorphins going.

Easy ordering & custom installations: You could have us install a panel or collage in your living room office, kitchen or even in your bathroom. You could opt for a small Green wall or boldly choose a stunning floor to ceiling creation to cover an entire wall! Given these impressive benefits, you’ll come to see that Moss  green walls are more than just an attractive feature! Experience it for yourself. Get in touch with @MiniGardensUAE now and bring nature home to your family.





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