Gift Orchids This Mother’s Day

Gift Orchids This Mother’s Day

1. Orchids Last …. Way Longer Than Roses.

Although Flowers can make the ideal gift for bringing sunshine into that special someone's life, cut flowers are usually the first floral gift that comes to mind, however, while your gorgeous orchids will stay in bloom for weeks to come, those poor cut flowers will start withering away within a few days. Buy a long lasting gift, buy living orchids today because there is a reason why orchids are called air plants. Their roots absorb moisture from the air so that you need not water them more than once every two weeks.

2. Orchids Pose A Striking Presence.

Orchids are a diverse and widespread family of beautiful flowering plants, with blooms that are often colourful and fragrant, commonly known as the orchid family. Orchids not only grow well at home but they thrive and the blooming buds which open can be a real Zen moment to witness.

3. Orchids Are low Maintenance Flowering Plants.

Most plants and flowers require daily care but Phalaenopsis orchids, which come in amazing shades and colors that only nature could design are not as high maintenance as they appear. The princess of all flowers, orchids, can flourish in average home and office conditions and when it comes to watering ... once every week or two usually plenty. 

4. Improve Your Focus With Orchids Indoors.

Orchids as beautiful flowering plants apart from aesthetic value, help improve concentration and productivity. Improved focus and productivity can lead to an overall improved quality of life. So, next time you need to get down to work, try decorating your home or office with orchids.

5. Orchids Are more Affordable than roses.

Although we aren’t talking about those competition winning Orchids as those can sell for thousands. The easy to care for phalaenopsis orchids are cheaper than cut roses and much easier to maintain. Some blooms may last for over 3 months while a rose will last a few days. And we are not talking about those new preserved roses ... its just a trend and its not real or living anymore. 

6. Orchids can bring charm to your lifestyle.

Orchids are elegantly glamorous and bring in a sense of style and sophistication into your life. When placed amongst other flowers,  orchids are sure to win any beauty contest. Have a quick look below and you'll know just why ...

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