Zero Maintenance best indoor plants options in Dubai & UAE

Although real plants and flowers are great living options to decorate our interiors, they do require maintenance knowledge with consistent and regular care to ensure they thrive; this is not inexpensive and sometimes involves time that many of us do not have today. Tomorrow, those gorgeous real arrangements could wilt or die. We have a full range of ultra low maintenance MiniGarden plant and Orchid flower options that may need a minute of our time once a month.... However, for those of us that do not have any time to water and care for real plants we urge you not to purchase artificial and fake (plastic and silk) plants and flowers as we have sustainable preserved moss and plant options that look and feel as gorgeous as their living counterparts.


You can feel the green aura with Zero Maintenance MiniGardens which are handcrafted, maintenance free indoor arrangements designed by our skilled artisans using real preserved moss and grass options with a life span unto 10 years and even more. Our No care MiniGarden collection is real in every way except that it does not continue to grow, it Will not die and Looks fresh and alive requiring no watering or care.


A captivating work of indoor garden art that will last for quite some time which is quite sturdy and sustainable; the perfect piece to be placed in any part of your space. For customized options feel free to whats app, email or even call our helpful sales team and we can be sure to come up with an option to bring some stunning no care green into your living space!

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