5 Reasons to Send a MiniGarden Plant Gift This Easter

5 Reasons to Send a MiniGarden Plant Gift This Easter

5 Reasons to Send a MiniGarden Plant Gift today

Although flowers are nature's bounty, we really don't want to spend our money on an expensive gift that decays into trash after a few short days do we? Well, we’ve been thinking of ways to sustain your indoor plant and flower lifestyle so that you can enjoy it for months and even years of sustainable indoor garden gifts …. And here's why!

1. Sustainability.

Our succulents & plants last whereas, a bouquet of cut flowers doesn’t. We believe it's a way of gifting green that's progressively going to become the choice of the ecologically responsible mindset. The amount of garbage created by discarded flower bouquets is unimaginable - it’s never too late, so we can all start by gifting living plants and flowers to show that your love and care is not fleeting and that it lasts, just like your gift of love.

2. Thinking beyond cut flowers as gifts or to decorate our interiors.

When you gift a MiniGarden in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, created thoughtfully with beautiful long lasting plants and flowers, your friends and loved ones can enjoy them for months and maybe even years, depending upon the conditions at home and the care given. Which would you prefer? A bunch of cut roses that’s already wilted and blackening …. Or a blooming orchid garden that can last several weeks to months?

3. We're all nature’s children, and It’s official! Plants spread happiness.

Being in the presence of plants improves our baseline energy levels and make sus feel better in general. This feel good factor may be because of the subliminal effects of living Plants that can spread feelings of peace and improve our focus. When we are in the presence of plants, either on our work tables, side tables at home or even green walls to adorn our vertical spaces, we are present and aware because plants connect us to nature and we are all nature’s children.

4. Going Green with gifts that last.

We’ve often read that each person should plant two trees per month to reduce our carbon footprint haven't we? Well if you aren't up to speed, let's make it crystal clear, climate change is universally recognized as something caused by us humans. When plants breathe, they exhale life giving oxygen to us … so what happens when our population doubles (as it has in the last 70 years) and forests are less than 1/3rd of pre 1800 levels? If you cant plant trees in your backyard or garden, a couple of MiniGardens should do the trick, while giving you that fresh airy garden feeling indoors!

5. Affordable for all the right reasons.

MiniGardens will deliver your succulent plant or living orchid gift of love to that special person so that you will be remembered each time they are in its presence, and all this … at a cost that's a fraction of expensive cut flowers or rose bouquets.

Visit our Indoor Plants page at www.minigardens.ae

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